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  5. Firstly: I am constantly amazed at all your projects that are made for so little! 😉 Your blog has definitely reinspired me to make sure I thoroughly check thrift stores/estate sales for textiles this year. ;)I LOVE the fabric print with this pattern–so gorgeous!!! Definitely a winner–and it looks amazing on you!♥ Caseyblog | elegantmusings.com

  6. I'm not sure why white Southerners, who claim to be so proud of their heritage, get so rankled when people point out the obvious. I'm not rankled at at anyone "pointing out the obvious". I'm rankled at having to listen to stone cold racists (blacks, Jews, Asians, or whoever) pretending to hate southern whites for being racist.

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  19. Father,I must have missed something. What is the ‘Mcbride scandal’?Are there any ‘liberal’ Catholic blogs, I mean, as well followed as yours and one or two others? If so does the Tablet want to suppress them too?Thanks for the rallying call. Will do something about it during Low Week. For the recod, yellow and white blogging colours must be nailed to the Oasis mast.Happy, holy Eastertide,J

  20. The so called “M’Naughten” defense is not exculpatory, it is only mitigating in some cases. What that means is that a defendant pleading M’Naughten at trial may succeed in so doing in reducing a murder charge to manslaughter if it can be proved that the defendant could not by reason of insanity appreaciate the wrongful nature of their act. Just shooting each victim once would tend to argue against M’Naughten because it speaks of restraint.

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  23. Great point, Jess, and I’m reserve my final word on comparing until I’ve read up to the end of THE RAVEN BOYS series. Still, SCORPIO made me feel ALL THE FEELINGS, and then some. It’s rare for me to find such a deep connection with a book (especially one with subject matter as bizarre as SCORPIO–blood thirsty horses?!)

  24. that you liked the song Vienna by Billy Joel, and i was just laughing in the back because that was the song i audition with. The play I did was 13! I had the great pleasure to be Evan, and it was loads of fun! i don’t know if you remembered me from the concert, but i had the poster? With my friend. You sang beautiful! If you could, it’d be amazing if we could email? i have so many questions!

  25. I used to do that sort of thing all the time to my little brother. He's turned out to be quite the little sceptic at 12, not believing anything anyone tells him. Let's hope it lasts into adulthood and he's similarly sceptical at the religious nonsense my parents are feeding him.

  26. MotiejunasDude, where do you get your drugs and how much because you must be really loaded to have wrote that Saints have more bandwagon fans than the Cowboys. You should disable your keyboard pronto.

  27. Hmm – zijn al die mensen die ons dagelijks e-mailen met dankbetuigingen leugenaars dan? Ook erg vreemd dat Indeed nu bovenaan staat in de VS voor wat betreft webverkeer. Raar volk die Amerikanen, massaal iets gebruiken waar ze nix aan hebben!

  28. Trying to get the military vote. Yawn."The Wookie", Juandos? LOL. I have to admit her style team rehabilitated her very well, considering what they had to work with. But, she still looks like Shrek in drag. Albeit very well done drag.

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  30. dit :Au risque de me faire “bashée”, j’ajouterais que nous-mêmes ne méritons pas d’avoir le niveau de vie que nous avons actuellement.…« The fundamental goal of environmentalists is not clean air and clean water; rather it is the demolition of technological/industrial civilization. »Je sais bien que je ne parle pas la même langue que toi, celle des chiffres et de l’argent.Je parle le langage de la raison, du rationnel, du pragmatisme.

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  33. I am in love with this card! I was popping over from my blog reader to comment on how GORGEOUS it was and saw it also had candy! hee hee you are so sweet. I'm definitely posting on my blog to spread the word. I love your creations! :)Luvs,Annie Rose

  34. Ler alguém se dizer “militante de direitos humanos” é um alento, uma felicidade muito grande mim. Eu sou branco, homem e heterossexual, mas não há um dia em que essa sociedade racista, machista e hetero-normativa não me magoe. Passei um tempo maravilhoso e emocionante com o seu texto e os vídeos. Te agradeço muito por ele. Receba toda a minha solidariedade… e mais um beijo.

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  49. Warner Bros are complete Nazis when it comes to Harry Potter. Look at what they did to the sixth movie just to make a couple extra million. I cannot stand them. They want to soak every penny from this franchise

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  51. My goodness, what a fun, bright, and happy upcycled pillow box, Yvonne! Love that paper and love those little pears! Too cute!And yes, I find social media a bit overwhelming, too. I'm on FB and pinterest, but have avoided all other avenues. That is enough for me! 🙂

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  55. It sounds like Ramon and Lauren really took over and made this a great story, Chantelle. I know what you mean about needing a compelling reason for the “secret” baby. A story won’t work without it. I believe in this one — and I can’t wait to read it!

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