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  2. I watched this movie tonight with my girlfriend she read the book years ago. While most of the comments tended to lean toward Chris’s schizophrenia I was really upset at his final demise! They was a part of me that wanted to just be there at the final moment to reach out and just hug him. To me he seemed to be running from the past but along his journey he found and touched many different people. I was left with one question. Did any or all of those people he met actally find out about his passing?? Just a thought!rich

  3. First, Carter, I’m glad you have good news to report at this time, and I hope things continue to go well for your mother.Second, you decribe the situation that worries me most about my own instructions to my family about how to proceed with my care when I am unable to decide for myself. I have asked them not to keep me alive on a machine or take extra-ordinary measures, but how should they proceed in the situation you just had to struggle with? I trust my family (I’ve assigned responsibility for that decision to my husband and my mother, a geriatric nurse) will be able to wade through the decisions as well as you have in this instance.

  4. Mayor Jack Chiovatero and City Attorney Mark Blum were as hostile to the community as they dared to be. They really betrayed it. So the people's trust in their elected representatives was misplaced. That raises two questions.Who organizes and leads the besieged community now? How can people find each other and organize democratically, when articulating their concerns is illegal or as good as illegal?And what criteria could or should they have employed to see that they had elected representatives who would not sell them out like this in the first place?

  5. Everest: You have to copy the "src/gpodder" folder into the same folder as your other scripts. You then also have to copy "feedparser.py" (from feedparser.org) and "mygpoclient" (from thp.io/2010/mygpoclient) into the same folder. After that, it should find the gPodder library.

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  7. Update: Palladone has been taken off the market (in the USA, that is). In all honesty, it is rare for someone with true AD/HD to be taking 60 (sixty) stimulant pills–or anyone for that matter–although again (as someone mentioned), someone without the condition could fake it, go to different doctor, or get a bunch from multiple friends (ILLICITLY and DANGEROUSLY) and then fake the condition and become “addicted” (dependent).

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  9. I think that with a little work, this device could turn entire populations into Cloud-connected security personnel and media reporters. It would be cool if it can give instant Cloud-provided information in popups, about the people and things you see, like the Nanotechnic eye contact lenses that give that neo-omniscience to the heroine of the SyFy Channel’s new show ‘Continum’.

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  12. Another thing I'm so sick of is the candle light vigils after another child is killed!Just last night another candle light vigil for a senseless killing of a five year old kid asleep in his own home.This maddness must stop,if it requires locking up every little hoodlum who is terrorizing our community then so be it.It seems no one wants to do the dirty work,so let's just go ahead and warehouses these out of control kids!

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  23. I get in touch with my gluten free self by reading everything I can to stay healthy and gluten free, and then acting on what I have read. We celiacs need to constantly be aware of changing foods and the newly-created gluten free foods we can eat.

  24. A psychologist friend once told me that most people only ask for half of what they need (if they ask at all) while those around them are willing to give twice as much as they need.It’s all about the give and take, the ebb and flow, breathing in / breathing out.

  25. Bongo’s have great burgers…just hard to find the restaurant!TaiDa is not the nickname for NTU. It’s just the abbreviated name, like all university names in Chinese. It’s like how we say UCLA, not University of California at Los Angeles.

  26. Mr Traube d’où tenez-vous que j’aime le style fleuri ? Cela correspond bien à ce que je dis, vous êtes simpliste et non pas simple. L’art minimal qui est mon préféré et que je pratique n’est pas SIMPLE !!!

  27. “…misogynists in gamer culture think they are entitled to control all the games”Or, more accurately, that they are entitled to all games that have connections to traditional hardcore interests. This sort of outcry occurred specifically because it is related to FPSs and RPGs (and Bioware). Their toys are not only being shared, but are unrecognizable in other people’s hands.Recognizing your own entitlement is often extremely difficult – I know. The more likely reaction is this sort of spiteful stampede of frightened lemmings. Understandable, but unacceptable.

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  32. I just finished Saving Francesca, which was amazing and started The Forest of Hands and Feet, which is excellent and creepy.I still have Wicked Lovely (which I bought for the great title) on my TBR pile. The 3 books looks great though.

  33. Thank you Cynthia…I appreciate the feedback. Folks will be able to learn more about Ayurveda next month in Nashville. Ed Danaher and I will be doing Ayurvedic consults and yoga classes Sept. 17-19.

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